Business as Un-Usual – Working Remotely During the COVID Crisis

With as many as 3.26 million COVID positive cases (at the time of penning this blog) globally, the pandemic affected over 80 countries. What kicked off as a hopeful year, […]

Being Culturally Appropriate – Creating a Collaborative Workplace

A collaborative culture is one where collaboration is regular and deliberate.  A lot of organizations like to talk a lot about how collaboration drives innovation. But then when it comes […]

Adapting to Change – Best Online Learning & Teaching Practices

Our knowledge about what works well in online teaching and learning has grown rapidly over the last 20 years and that is very good news. Yet it also means that […]

From Job Losses to Challenges of Going Remote, what to expect from and after Covid-19?

It is not uncommon that the pandemic has severely hit the G7 economies with the rate of unemployment surging. Recently there was a statistic released by The Guardian that said […]

Culture’s caught not Taught

A collaborative culture is one where collaboration is regular and deliberate. There was a time before the Great Depression; the U.S. was called a melting pot because a lot of […]

Top 5 Reasons Why EdTech Fails

In 2016, Jawwad Siddique, one of the youngest Product Guru, wrote an article in EdSurge titled, “We Shut Down Our EdTech Start-up: Here’s What We’ve Learned.” In this piece, he […]

Product Development Transparency – To be or not to be

It isn’t undeniable that transparency is becoming increasingly consistent in the tech world. Over the last few years, a lot of organizations have introduced transparency into their business strategy for […]