Build Better Learning Products

Through the convergence of technology and proven educational models, I help build cutting edge educational technologies.

Build Better Learning Organizations

With focus on eyes on data and ears on people, I help build efficient and effective learning organizations.

Build Better People

Working with people to find their passion, motivation and why.

Build Better Growth Models

Use technology and people to create exponential growth.

Challenge Conformity

The opposite of success is not failure, rather it is conformity. Conventional wisdom in business can sometimes inhibit change. I use a process of keeping my eyes on data and ears on people to change behavior and disrupt conformity.


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Chief Experience Officer & Executive Vice President

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

New Horizons has provided more than 30 million students with industry-leading technical training that delivers the most relevant and intuitive computer Courses and certifications. We're now the world's largest independent IT training company, and we continue to lead.

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EdTech Growth

Provides consulting engagements to growth oriented middle market VC firms, start-ups as well as co-investment on specific portfolio company opportunities. Engagements include comprehensive market assessment, roadmap, s/w development, M&A candidate identification and valuation.

Chief Executive Officer and President

Assessment Systems

Under Dave’s leadership in 2018 and 2017 ASC was named the 7th fastest growing company in Minneapolis and the 13th fastest growing educational company in the United States by INC Magazine.

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Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

IP Street

IP Street delivers innovative patent intelligence to the business world. We believe that innovation and intelligence are the pillars of profitability. With a swipe of a screen or one click of a mouse.


Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer and Board Member

Exam Ave

Exam Ave, provides a revolutionary method to prepare future nurses to succeed in nursing school! This includes educational instruction in nursing school readiness, soft skill development, second career skills and best learning practices.

LOGO_Dalton education

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Dalton Education

Dalton Education offers CFP® certification education programs through premier university partners like New York University, Northwestern University, Pepperdine University, University of Miami

LOGO_National Helthcareer

Vice President

National Healthcareer Association

NHA the nation's largest health career certification provider, is part of Ascend Learning, a leader in providing technology-based educational, assessment, testing and certification solutions for healthcare and other vocational fields.

ati logoR

Director, National Accounts

ATI, Nursing Education

ATI Nursing Education is part of Ascend Learning, a leader in providing technology-based educational, assessment, testing and certification solutions for healthcare and other vocational fields.


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